Having difficulties generating consistent new patient consultations?

We’re a team of experienced marketing experts who have been doing dental marketing inside large dental clinics for the past 15+ years and, in doing so, we’ve spent over 10 million on adverts testing every minute detail internationally. We’ve now joined forces under the banner of our agency, Grow Patiently and are helping small to medium sized clinics in the UK with the knowledge and skills that we have so they can grow consistently over time and build a patient base that will trust them for decades to come.

What would be your role in this? Here’s our short guide:

1. Book a call

2. Meet us

3. Review data
4. Patients

In this ever changing and highly saturated dental market, the answer is not bigger discounts on Invisalign. That leaves you fighting for space in the same audience as everyone else and even risks perpetuating the belief that UK dentists are more interested in selling treatments than helping patients with a beaming smile. The only real answer is you. By tailoring your messaging to highlight the uniqueness of your clinic, you can build your own discrete audience interested in you for reasons beyond discounts. Now imagine the power of a well-timed offer sent specifically to an audience like that!

With over 15 years’ experience scaling dental clinics around the world and having managed over 10 million £/€/$ in advertising budgets, we are confident to promise you:

  • Personalisation: something to cut through the noise of other clinics
  • Tangible results: time and again
  • Innovation and expertise: 15+ years experience dental marketing
  • Long-term vision: partnering today for consistent growth for years to come

So how do we do it?

Watch our video to learn about our process.
Grow Patiently starts with you, your practice and your team. That’s how we help you cut through the noise of a crowded dental market offering the same things. We then work with you to optimise your entire web presence; taking the same level of precision you have inside your practice to the digital version of your practice too. From social media to websites, adverts to reviews – we focus on every step that a prospective patient might take during their process of consideration to make sure they see your true value. Then we help streamline your processes so that from the moment patients transition from considering to enquiring, they are reassured that they made the right decision in doing so. In this way, we avoid complications with patients, simplify your daily workload and, most importantly, make sure that your audience becomes your lifetime compounding interest investment because they know who to turn to for their dental needs time and time again.

Platforms we use:

Why should you partner with us?

Highfield Avenue Dental

Generated £51,000 in the first 2 months with a 25x return on ad spend

Dr Alex

Generated £18,000 in the first 30 days with a 20x return

Dr Agata

Dr Agata generated £14,200 in the first 40 days with a 9x return on ad spend.

Dr Karolina

Dr Karolina generated £3,750 in the first 14 days with a 8x return on ad spend.

Frequently Asked Questions

Who creates the advertising content?

We work with you to provide short clips from your practice so we can tailor your marketing messaging to the personality of your practice. We then edit it all for you.

How long does the set up take?

Within 7 days of your onboarding which is essentially a consultancy session that gives our team the knowledge and access to create your bespoke strategy.

What are the biggest benefits?

Predictability in terms of practice growth via patient acquisition. Also, ensuring that your practice is at the cutting edge of the developments in the digital world.

Is your system a silver bullet?

Our process takes dedication and collaboration to tune to the individual needs of your practice. Consistent growth cannot happen with a press of a few buttons.

How much does it cost?

This varies depending on the plan we develop for your practice during your consultancy call together. Your goals and current situation can be determining factors.

Can we use our own CRM?

We can work alongside your current flow or develop new additions to it. We focus on amplifying what is already working well in your practice.

“Running ads” didn’t work last time

As great as they are, digital advertising platforms are only tools. We can all use the microphones at Karaoke… but we’re not all Beyonce.

How long are your agreements?

Agreements vary depending on the needs of clinics. We prefer to maintain partnerships through effective, honest and valuable work rather than contracts.

Our introductory offer:

Join our GP1 Growth Programme paying only your set up fee for the first 30 days while we prove what we’re capable of. This is also to provide the opportunity to assess how viable your market is before any long term commitments. After these 30 days, if we are getting consistent qualified leads* priced under £30, we will progress into your chosen growth programme.

* A qualified lead is a person that is interested in getting a dental treatment at your practice and lives within travelling distance of your location.

GP1 Growth Programme
  • Bespoke social media advertising strategy design, implementation and optimisation.
  • Lead follow up CRM software for email, sms, automation and lead tracking.
  • Follow up call scripts and frameworks.
  • Live calling capabilities within the CRM (Optional service charged based on usage)
  • Weekly reporting
  • After 60 days, a free online presence review and next steps optimisation assessment.
  • 6 month minimum agreement (60 day break clause included*)
  • £1,500 minimum monthly advertising budget required

GP2 Growing Programme

  • GP1 Growth programme included 
  • 9am-5pm use of our New Patient Coordinator Team to follow up with your leads for you.
  • Completion of essential works as found in the 60 day online presence optimisation steps required for GP2 Growing Programme
  • £3,500 minimum monthly advertising budget required
  • 6 month minimum agreement (60 day break clause included*)
GP3 Grown Programme
  • GP1 Growth & GP2 Growing programme included
  • Bi weekly team sales & follow up training calls (online)
  • Bi-quartlely patient flow analysis review and next steps optimisation assessment (in person)
  • £5,000 minimum monthly advertising budget required
  • 6 month minimum agreement (60 day break clause included*)

*60 day break clause: If we are not satisfied that we are getting consistent qualified leads priced under £20 by the 60 day mark, we will meet to provide an opportunity to discuss continuation.

Let’s talk and we’ll explain more

Remember, we’ve booked 100s of consultations for dentists in the past year.

We can do the same for you.

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