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A smile makeover is essentially a “designer smile”. If you’re looking for a natural but brighter, whiter, wider and more symmetrical smile, we are able to help you. In fact, because UKDS has the most highly trained and knowledgeable Dental specialists, we can work with you to design the perfect smile. And what’s more, we have an industry leading expert available for every aspect of your makeover under our one roof! Your smile has such a huge impact on your life, why not rest assured that you are getting the best smile from the best Dental specialists around?

Why have a Smile Makeover at UKDS?

Investing in a smile makeover is a decision that goes way beyond a cosmetic enhancement. It is a life changing investment. Your makeover might replace missing teeth with a permanent and natural solution, whiten your teeth, straighten some teeth to provide more space to mould and improve the overall shape and appearance. It’s a personal approach specifically tailored to your needs. The key is, however, that you will transform your smile to something you are incredibly proud to smile about. Here are some reasons why we see patients just like you wanting a smile makeover at UKDS:

  • We want the best results for our patients
  • Our patients tell us they want the most experienced and qualified team for their treatment
  • They want only the best equipment and materials to be used
  • They prefer to trust industry leaders with their teeth
  • They appreciate our careful approach to nervous patients
  • They want to be able to consider all options including sedation under one roof
  • They want transparent pricing and a caring, honest and friendly environment
  • Limitations thanks to our specialists team.

If you’re ready to start your journey to getting the smile you want today, contact us below.


Dr Kostas Karagiannopoulos – Specialist Prosthodontist and Dr Rajiv Patel – Specialist Periodontist and Implant Surgeon.
These two dentists are perfect examples of the level of expertise we have available in our clinic. They are leaders in their specific area of dentistry and surgery. They are highly knowledgeable, highly competent and we are proud to have them in our team. Their work is second to none. These images are small examples of the attention to detail and level of skill that they have.

Dr Luisa Lucchesi – Specialist Orthodontist.
Thanks to Luisa, our patients can rest assured that they are receiving orthodontic treatments unrivalled in terms of expertise, knowledge and therefore options. With Dr Luisa as your registered orthodontic specialist, you can be assured that you are receiving the best care; no matter your requirements. The picture below is an example of the complex work she is so capable of doing thanks to her years of experience and skill. We are lucky to have Luisa on our team. As a specialist orthodontist this means there is no limitation to the treatment options Luisa is able to provide you with. She can even provide Invisalign treatment for teenagers!!


What is a Smile Makeover?

Full Smile Makeover


The full smile makeover often consists of a combination of whitening your natural teeth, Composite bonding or composite veneers, placing porcelain veneers or dental implants to ultimately hide imperfections and enhance your smile. Essentially, whatever starting point you are at and whatever end result you are looking for, our team at UKDS will be able to get you there with ease.

Designing your smile


At UKDS we specialise in enhancing, restoring and correcting your smile. Most people have a good idea of what they don’t like about their own smile, whether it’s crooked teeth, gaps, old crowns or discoloration. Our experts at your initial consultation will have a one-to-one informal chat with you and perform a clinical examination too. This is so you can show us exactly what you don’t like. We can then advise you of the treatment options available to you. Thankfully, at UKDS, no treatment option is too tricky for our expert team.

Smile Simulation

Once a detailed assessment of your teeth has been carried out you will have the option of attending smile ‘test drive’ appointments. At this visit we will share with you what your smile makeover could look like without needing to commit to the proposed treatment. This is bespoke to you! And designed using the latest technology and state of the art dental laboratories.

Our Reviews

Fabulous service from start to finish. The evaluation was quick and painless with detailed information about the implant required. The procedure was discussed with timeframes and all along you got a polite email reminder to ensure you did not miss an appointment. Pranay Patel was a very clear communicator and the more significant other partner for my procedure Dr Rajiv Patel was equally as good. A very happy outcome to loosing a tooth! But now with an implant – all sorted. Thanks guys and the behind the scenes staff. Really appreciated.

John J.

I cannot recommend Dr Rajiv Patel and Dr Pranay Patel highly enough for the treatment I have received. What was a very invasive and unpleasant year long treatment was dealt with with great professionalism, care, understanding and with fantastic results. All aspects of my treatment were discussed and explained and the work was carried out to a very high standard. I would also like to thank all the support staff at the practice for a very friendly service. Undergoing dental treatment can be quite stressful but the calm friendly atmosphere throughout the practice made the whole experience much more relaxed.

Allsop Family

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