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As an expert team including 15 dental specialists who each have a specific area of expertise, we are proud to offer the most elite dental experience in the UK right from our clinic in St Albans. This means that no matter your dental needs, we have an expert for it. This is why we have been trusted for over 10 years by other dentists all around the UK to treat their patients when they need a highly trained expert. Whether it’s composite bonding, replacing missing teeth, or teeth straightening, you can rest assured that our specialists can alleviate any fears you have in a friendly, professional and caring manner.

You too can have the smile that you deserve!

About Us

Established in 2009 at Chiswell Green, St Albans, UK Dental Specialists has provided the highest standards of specialist private dentistry in the UK for 15 years. This is because we decided to create one of the most modern and highly equipped clinics in the country with a team of the most highly trained and highly specialised dentists in Europe. This means that no matter your dental needs, we have an expert in that specific field who can help you and, most importantly, an expert who can help you to the highest standard you will find in the UK. Get in touch with us now so we can discuss what you need and get you smiling again.

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Smile Makeover

Give your smile the makeover you deserve. No matter your starting point, you can have a smile worth smiling about. Here at UKDS, our highly trained specialists can help you with any treatment you need all under one roof at our ultra-equipped clinic to make sure that you have the very best care you can get in the UK. Click to find out more.

Dental Implants

You can have a fixed & permanent solution to missing teeth thanks to our team of dental implant experts. At UKDS, you can rest assured that your dental implants will be placed with the latest technology and by a doctor with the highest level of skill, knowledge and experience that you will find anywhere in the UK. Click below to learn more about our Implant expertise.

Orthodontics (Invisalign)

If you want a brighter, wider or whiter smile, our Orthodontic specialists will be able to help you. As we have such a high spec clinic and a highly specialised team, we have no waiting list and are able to treat any patient no matter their needs or desired treatment (eg. braces, invisalign). Click below to find out why UKDS is widely considered the very best place to straighten your teeth.

Our core values

Welcome to UKDS, where our mission is to solve all of your dental worries under one roof. Your comfort, your health, your needs – these are our top priorities. As a team full of highly experienced dental experts, you can trust us with your smile. We simply won’t be beaten on expertise, experience or effectiveness of our treatments. This is our passion. We know that true attention to detail through our expertise is what maintains your oral health and keeps you smiling wide every day

Award winning specialists

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Our registered dental specialists can provide all private specialist treatments from our highly equipped practice in St Albans. Beyond providing the best care to patients, our team also plays a key role in dentistry by educating other doctors, spearheading UK research and publishing journals too. Our leader, Dr Claudio Peru even adjudicates the UK dentistry awards.



Our approach is different to general dental practices because our team is made up of recognised registered dental specialists only. We combine state of the art equipment and excellent facilities with our leading specialist clinicians to provide the highest quality dental treatment for all our patients. At UKDS, you get the best. That’s what you deserve.


With so many years of collated experience in our team, we can guarantee that by working with us, you will be in the best possible position to understand your own dental needs, what would be needed to completely remedy them with a long term solution and also the kind of specialist care you will need to do so. We will not be beaten on expertise or experience.



You can see the true impact of our specialist care and attention through the words of our own patients. It is heartwarming for us to hear them recognise the efforts we take to ensure the personalised attention, expert care, and welcoming environment they experience at our clinic.

  • I loved that they have all the necessary specialists under one roof so I never need to be referred or treated anywhere else
  • The specialists listened to my concerns and managed to solve all the problems I had
  • I had sedation for my treatment because I was feeling a little anxious and it really helped
  • The specialists I saw really took their time with me and explained things thoroughly
  • The team took their time with me and explained things thoroughly
  • The surgery was very well equipped and appeared fresh and modern
  • The whole experience was very efficient and they pay great attention to detail
  • I was very well informed at each stage of my treatment and received all explanation in writing to digest at home in my own time
  • The dentist created my dental plan with longevity in mind to prevent me needing more treatment in the future in the most conservative way. I could tell they had my best interests at heart
  • The dentist was so funny, I felt so comfortable with them
  • I didn’t have to wait very long at all for an appointment. In fact, I’m always seen within a few days
  • I was given very thorough instructions by the specialist before and after the procedure. I felt reassured and understood exactly what to expect
  • The treatment included everything with no hidden costs. It was a pleasant surprise when not everything was actually needed and it worked out a little less than I had thought
  • There is a real family feel at the practice, everyone is very welcoming
  • The little added extras are really nice, I was given an aftercare gift bag

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