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Highlight your team’s character, cement your brand and increase your monthly revenue.

We’re a team of experienced marketing experts who have been doing dental marketing inside large dental clinics for the past 15+ years and, in doing so, we’ve spent over 10 million on adverts testing every minute detail internationally. We’ve now joined forces under the banner of our agency, Grow Patiently and are helping small to medium sized clinics in the UK with the knowledge and skills that we have so they can grow consistently over time and build a patient base that will trust them for decades to come.

Digital marketing

Creative strategies to help our clients attract more patients

Creative and UX

Making your patients’ online experience nice & smooth

Data and technology

Providing the analysis you need to make informed growth decisions

Consistent growth over time

The saturated dental market doesn’t need bigger discounts on Invisalign. That leaves you fighting in the same audience as everyone else. The answer is you. By tailoring your messaging to highlight the uniqueness of your clinic, you can build your own discrete audience interested in you for reasons beyond discounts. Now imagine the power of a well-timed offer sent specifically to an audience like that!

Over 15 Years Experience

With over 15 years’ experience scaling dental clinics around the world and a track record of managing ad spends exceeding 10 million £/$/€ on social media platforms, our team can help you with every aspect of your practice growth.

We’ve seen clinics go from a single chair to teams of 200, we’ve seen multiple locations establish themselves. From branding to TCO training to patient flow optimisation to patient retention, our team can help you find and improve the bottlenecks that are restricting your growth. 

Our Enquiries to Cases method

Grow Patiently starts with you, your practice and your team. That’s how we help you cut through the noise of a crowded dental market offering the same things. We then work with you to optimise your entire web presence; taking the same level of precision you have inside your practice to the digital version of your practice too. From social media to websites, adverts to reviews – we focus on every step that a prospective patient might take during their process of consideration to make sure they see your true value.

Our featured case studies

Explore a selection of case studies to see what we could do for your practice

Industry Leaders

With over 15 years’ experience scaling dental clinics around the world and having managed over 10 million £/€/$ in advertising budgets, we are confident to promise you:

  • Personalisation: something to cut through the noise of other clinics
  • Tangible results: time and again
  • Innovation and expertise: 15+ years experience dental marketing
  • Long-term vision: partnering today for consistent growth

Creative Team

Meet the brilliant minds driving Grow Patiently forward. Our diverse and dedicated team is passionate about marketing, design, and strategy. With a shared commitment to innovation and results, we're here to turn your vision into reality. Together, we'll elevate your brand, exceed your expectations, and make your goals our own.



Hugo: Our Fearless Navigator and CEO Extraordinaire at Grow Patiently. Man of many skills. 🚀



Gordan: Our Social Media Sorcerer at Grow Patiently, crafting digital magic one click at a time! 📱🪄



Meet Mario: Our Web Wizard at Grow Patiently, turning code into captivating online experiences! 💻✨

Satisfied Customers

"I have been working with Hugo and his team for just over 3 months and it has been a fantastic experience. We have generated thousands in implant treatment from the leads that his team have gathered for us and the phone transfer system has been brilliant for taking pressure off of my reception staff. Highly recommend."

K. J. F.

"Excellent service, would highly recommend, stuck to their leads promise, several more patients going ahead with treatment every month thanks to this company."


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Meet our diverse and dedicated team at Grow Patiently.

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