Case Studies

See what your business could achieve in a partnership with Grow Patiently by diving into our case studies. Your practice has its own character, challenges and goals and will require a bespoke approach. However, one thing unites our partnerships: great results. 

Dental clinics

Thousands of Smiles Transformed

See how we’ve helped dental practices take their businesses to new heights.

Warren Davies Dental Clinic

A well established practice with a loyal patient base from a rural area. They wanted to improve their online visibility and ensure a competitive edge in the increasingly digitised dental industry without having to put further strain on their busy team. Fast forward to today and they have a consistent stream of new implant consultations booked for them every week by the Grow Patiently team. The significant rise of new monthly revenue is now helping facilitate a full renovation, website development and a possible new location.

The Windmill Dental Practice

Newer owners of an older practice just outside a mid-sized city. They wanted to leverage their 5 star rating to generate more new patient revenue. However, they wanted to do it in a style and manner that represented their team and their patients. Since turning £1,500 into £38,000 in the first 5 weeks of our partnership with an Invisalign open day, the team is expanding to help implement more precise systems and processes with our CRM to prepare for higher advertising budgets and the demands of even more enquiries, consultations and cases.

Highfield Avenue Dental

A highly regarded clinical team with hundreds of excellent reviews from their metropolitan patient base. They wanted more consistency in their monthly revenue and were even listing on coupon sites in the hope of doing so. The principal loves doing complex implant cases and knew that if they just had enough consultations, his conversion rate would help them achieve their business goals. Within the first year of our partnership, we achieved up to a 25x return on their ad spend as the opportunities were consistently teed up for the team to convert into accepted cases.

Cathays Dental Clinic

As the oldest clinic in the capital of their country and the first to provide Invisalign, this team had been watching others scale using online methods and wanted to join the party. Starting with increasing the number of enquiries into the practice so that consistent consultations were being booked, the Grow Patiently team began the steps required to turn an established brand into one that was reflected equally well online. From social media to websites and review platforms, the whole digital presence needed to be unified to clearly represent the quality of the clinic.

Other clients

“From healthcare to wellness and beyond”

See our work outside of the dental industry. From aesthetics & wellness clinics to dog grooming schools, we’ve helped countless businesses grow.

Womban Wellness Clinic

In the last three years, Grow Patiently have helped this medspa increase revenue by ten times and go one to open other successful locations in Toronto, Canada.

Ellouk Beauty & Aesthetics

Going from seeing only a few clients to being fully booked for months in a row, this aesthetics and beauty clinic went from new to established in a matter of months.

The Body Sculpt LA

As a brand new start up in Los Angeles, The Body Sculpt LA grew quickly and established themselves as the go-to body sculpting clinic in Burbank, LA.

Beyond Beauty Aesthetics

As a social enterprise owned by a busy paramedic, beyond beauty began attracting fat dissolve injections en masse within weeks of working with Grow Patiently.

Learn To Groom

As the first dog grooming school to sell courses on DVD, they wanted to market an online course. Within 2 months they had doubled their income.

Nuova Beauty Bar

Since seeing the first six clients enter their beauty bar in London after just seven days marketing online, the Nuova-Grow Patiently partnership has thrived.

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